Have you ever had a problem whereby you need to write a story by using data on a topic or theme that has a public interest ?

Data stories are presented in the form of diagrams, charts or numbers through simple language that the listener, reader or viewer can understand. 

However, some journalists don’t know where they can find the data that can be processed and produce special reports. Below are some data sources you can use to produce a data story.

1. International organizations

Through international organizations you can get data that you will use to prepare news reports, articles or special reports based on the topic you are working on. For example, when you want to write an article on economic issues, it is better to visit websites such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) to find data on the relevant topic.

2. Government ministries or institutions

In various ministries and institutions of government you can also find data about the topic you want to work on. The governmental ministry has the authority in the country and thus has the responsibility to discuss certain topics. So it is important to visit the offices or websites of various ministries to find information.

3. National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)

This office has been authorized by the government to provide official statistics of the country on various topics such as the Population and Housing Census which is used in the development plans of the country. 

Through the NBS website, you can find various information and reports that can help you in developing a story or use it as evidence in your article.

4. Civil organizations

Civil organizations have been working in various sectors in the country, including education, health and environment. So through these organizations you can get data, verify them and then produce a story.

Lastly, after obtaining data from those sources, the next step is to process them and then create a story or report with a presentation in a simple language that people can understand.