Fake news is information that has been created with the intention of misleading, creating confusion or damaging the image of a person, organization or institution. 

In Tanzania and in the world there has been a challenge of people creating information that is not true. Have you ever asked yourself, why misinformation or disinformation at a certain moment or event? Because people tend to use events or trending topics to mislead people for their own purposes. 

These are seasons of fake news

Election period

Fake news goes for seasons. For example, during the election period, some politicians create fake news and distribute it with the aim of destroying the image of their opponents or competitors.

As it is difficult for people to recognize whether the message or information received is true or false, a person finds spreading it and finally accomplishing the goal of the parties who created the information.

A period of disasters

The Covid-19 pandemic, since it began to be reported in 2019, has been used by people without good intentions to create misinformation or disinformation and spread it in social media.

The pandemic, which is no longer an international health emergency according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), may have generated a lot of fake news that has not only caused panic but has increased the health, economic and social effects of the disease.

Due to this phenomenon, some people do not believe in the vaccination of the disease nor take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

A period of war or chaos

During war or chaos, some groups or people create false information with the aim of making people not get the ongoing truth and create malicious information for society. 

During the war or conflict,  two or more parties use communication sources such as social networks or the media to spread information in order to harm the enemy.

However, the easiest way to deal with fake news is to have knowledge and skills on fact checking. Also training in various modern methods that will enable you to identify information that is fake or propaganda in society.

We are still advised that whenever you find any news or information, don't be quick to share it before you haven't confirmed its truth.