When you want to uncover stories from data, there are important stages for data processing, it is important to consider in order to accomplish your task. These stages are the foundation of your story that you will produce.

These stages would provide you basic things that can either appear in your story and make it worthy to your audience. Follow the stages below and learn how to use them while working for your story.

1. Data sourcing

This is the first stage for data processing in story writing as it helps you to search sources where you can extract data and use it. You have to make sure that you select the right sources which you can use effectively in your data story.

2. Scraping and cleaning

After obtaining your data file or document this is a step that follows as it allows you to clear the unnecessary data that you do not need for your story. Also this stage gives you the power to convert your data from PDF to Excel format.

3. Data analysis

In this stage as a data journalist you will have time to do in depth analysis in your data which are in front of you and uncover a story from it. Through the data you can sense and see what is wrong, right or is there any special issues that you can pick and come up with story ideas.

4. 5W + H

For any professional journalist or communication expert,  5W + H it may not be a new thing because through these basic elements in news writing you can clearly explain your story using the guideline questions such  as What, Why, Where, When, Who & How. This will help your audience to understand the story you will tell.

5. Storytelling

Storytelling gives you a space to tell or narrate your story that you have got from the data. You can either write an article that is multimedia that contains words, number pictures and video. Tell your story in a simple language that your audience can understand very easily.

6. Data visualization

The last stage that you can also put it into consideration is to present your data through animations, graphics, charts and infographics. This would help you to send your intended message with a simplified language of data to your audience.

Remember, storyteller, each stage offers a unique opportunity to infuse your narrative with authenticity, intrigue, and relevance. It is within this synergy between data and storytelling that true magic happens. By harnessing the power of data processing, you can create stories that captivate hearts, stimulate minds, and leave a lasting impact on those who experience them.