In today’s world communication skills are very important for anyone including journalists and communication experts. The art of mastering communication skills can be boosted by the daily communication tasks while speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Justine Saavedra, Program Specialist at University of New Mexico, USA says that communication skills give you the ability to effectively and efficiently convey your thoughts and ideas. 

Saavedra added that some people are naturally good at communication skills while others may find them more difficult. In either case, everyone can benefit from learning to communicate more clearly and productively.

What other people do to master communication skills?

Thomas Charles is an upcoming master of ceremony and motivational speaker in the Mwanza region in Tanzania, he says that as someone who is doing public speaking he has to master the languages he often use in order to communicate effectively

“I think it is very important to have many vocabularies for you to have effective communication and have the knowledge of the content or information that you are talking about,” Charles says.

He noted that as a master of ceremony he often considers the dressing code because it matters a lot and boosts your confidence when speaking in public.

On the other side you have to understand your audiences and then select the type of words you are going to speak. 

Muthini Kisole is a professional freelancer journalist in Mwanza who urges that the use of simple language is one of the major issues to consider when you want to have effective communication skills as it sends a clear message to your audience and is understood very quickly.

“In journalism we often use a simple language which can be easily understood by our audience since we already know the type of audiences we are sending message”, Kisole says.

Moreover consideration of communication ethics must always be observed no matter what, it is advised to not use harsh language when sending your message to your audiences.

The possibility of you advancing and mastering communication skills is vital for effective speeches, debates, negotiation, presentation and discussion. Therefore the more you practice it the more you will become perfect.

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