According to learnworlds, an online learning platform is an information system that provides a safe learning environment where people can take online courses.

Some people prefer to use different online learning platforms including Kozica, Coursera, Skillshare, Udemy, and Codecademy to enhance their knowledge and skills on a particular topic.

The benefit of using online learning platforms as a mode of study:

Savior during the time of pandemics or disaster 

During the Covid-19 pandemic when students stayed at home some of them did not stop learning and had an opportunity to connect with their teachers, lecturers or professors through online learning platforms. 

If there were no digital learning platforms students could miss a lot of things, for example in Tanzania, schools were closed during the Corona pandemic, however through these platforms there was the possibility of learning at home.

You can learn anytime and anywhere

Through digital learning a student can learn anytime or anywhere he or she is at that moment because it is not necessary for him or her to be physically in class.

Through this type of learning you can just be connected via the internet wherever you are. The digital learning platform does not put some limitations when it comes to the boundaries in learning.

It boosts the desire of learning

The desire to study can be increased through online learning platforms since there is more engagement between the digital tools that are used by the students.

E-learning is generally shorter than classroom learning. A focused approach delivered in bitesize modules makes it easier to recall learned information. The flexibility of e-learning makes it easier to fit into a busy schedule.

The cost is low

When somebody opts to learn digitally he or she will reduce the cost of learning compared to physical learning where there is an abundance of things needed such as books, textbook.

Through an e-learning platform a student can access the notes and all learning material through the learning portal. Students can only make their notes through these materials uploaded on the learning site.

By shaping your mode of study through a digital learning platform will enable you to save your time, costs and upgrade your knowledge and skills which you can utilize in your career.